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  • LIAM
  • NOAH


Penticton Elks gives generously to help feed kids in the Starfish Pack program (Penticton)

The Starfish Pack Project got a big boost on Wednesday afternoon, presented with a $5000 cheque from the Elks of Canada. The National Leader of the Elks of Canada, Maurice W. Koszman of Bengough Sask, was in attendance to present the donations. The local Starfish Pack program, facilitated by the Pen...

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U.S. kids could get Pfizer shots by Halloween, Canadian approval still uncertain

Virus Outbreak Pfizer Vaccine Kids

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have submitted data on the effectiveness of their COVID-19 vaccine in children to U.S. regulators, clearing the way for a possible authorization by Halloween, according to a member of the company's board of directors. Canadian parents, however, could be waiting longer to secure shots for their kids.

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Why it's difficult to put a number on how many children died at residential schools

Lance Haymond, Chief of the Kebaowek First Nation.

While many are eager to raise awareness and make shows of support, navigating the different numbers circulating is a challenge. Records held by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation show thousands of children never made it home from residential school, but a full account will take time and effort.

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